About us

IRESO International Co., Ltd., is a professional cable assembly manufacturer with 20 year of experience in this field for a wide variety of Audio/Video cables, data cables and internal cables, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, Type C, VGA, DVI and Earphone related cables as well as great variety of custom made wire harnesses.

More and more customers can not accept standard technical specifications due to ever-changing technological requirements. IRESO is devoted to customized service, especially in IPC, waterproof application, medical equipment, automotive wire harnesses, gaming, lighting and so on. Full cooperation with its customers for developing the optimized solution for their most stringent requirements is IRESO’s business philosophy and the goal we have been striving for.


弊社、伊雷創國際有限公司 (IRESO International Co., Ltd.) は、HDMI、DisplayPort、USB、Type C、VGA、DVI、イヤホン関連ケーブルや各種カスタムメードのワイヤハーネスの、オーディオ/ビデオケーブル、データケーブル、内部ケーブル各種に於いて、20年の経験を持つプロフェッショナルケーブルアセンブリメーカーです。